What it says on the tin

The Bonzo Dog Band may not necessarily find themselves on many of your vinyl and CD racks, MP3 players or Spotify playlists. I understand. The Bonzos were what happened when 60s art-school students spent too […]

Ring solstice bells!

We have reached the shortest day. Yay! December 21st marks a special moment in the year because I know that we are about to turn a corner. It’s not much of a corner I grant. […]

Roeux British Cemetery

Roeux British Cemetery is the final resting place of 350 young men. Before they were laid to rest it was possible to identify 319. The other 31 are known only ‘unto god’. The site of […]

Hurricane Irma

Well, little did I expect that this would be the title of my opening blog. The hurricane season always brings a sense of trepidation to the people of the Caribbean (and the Americas). Some years […]